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 young man and his first fish! A Wilson River fall chinook

Offered Trips and Prices

*Prices are based on FULL day charters*

  • 2 week cancellation required. I reserve the right to cancel a trip due to weather, river conditions, or any unforeseen circumstances. In which cases, I will either reschedule the date or refund the deposit in full.

  • $100 deposit per person required to reserve the date. depostis can be made by cash, check, Venmo, or by paypal.

  • Balance due by day of charter.

Tributary Spring Chinook

April- June

Price - $250 for one person or $225 each for 2-3 people.

These are some of the most prized fish in North America with market prices regularly seen above $40 per lb. these fish range from 10-25lbs on average, and occasionally 30lbs or more. It's hard to beat fighting a mint-bright "Springer" on a spring day. To top it off the higher fat content than the Fall Chinook make it impossible to beat a Spring Chinook on the grill.

these trips take place from late April through May. Spring Chinook are the the best eating but also the most difficult to catch. making them one of the most sought after fish in the river. these trips tend to be a bit more advanced but beginners are always welcome!

methods used are Bobber and bait, jigs, casting spoons, spinners, and pulling plugs.

Tributary Fall Chinook

September - December

Price - $250 for one person or $225 each for 2-3 people.



Fall Chinook are the BIG brother to the Spring Chinook, with fish ranging from 15-50lbs or larger . These fish will fight hard and taste great! This year we are expecting one of the best returns in history! limits will not be uncommon.

this season runs from mid September- December 31st.  this fishery is fun for all levels of experience. This can be a very action packed trip.

We will typically use Bobber and Eggs/Shrimp, Bobber and JIg, and pulling plugs. 

Winter Steelhead

December - April

Price - $250 for one person or $225 each for 2-3 people.


The acrobat of the river! These fish seem to spend more time jumping out of the water, Than in the water. Steelhead are smart fish. Once your able to trick one into biting your hook you then have to keep it from getting off. They will try to wrap on anything in the water or jump to spit the hook. but once you get them to the net its a wonderful reward. Steelhead are less "fishy" tasting. So if you know someone who doesn't usually like fish. Have them give this a try.

Steelhead range in size from 5-20lbs with the occasional fish over 20lbs caught every year.


this season generally starts in December as a Salmon/Steelhead combo trip and then Steelhead only from January 1st - mid to late April. This trip is perfect for beginners and experts alike! these trips are usually action packed with limits not uncommon!

During these trips we will use various methods, including Bobber Dogging, drift fishing, plugging, and jig fishing.

Power Boat Salmon Trips.
Price is 225 per person for 2-4 people with a 2 person minimum.

Join us in Our new 2021 Alumaweld Adventurer for some world class salmon fishing! These trips will Take place in such places as Tillamook Bay, Nehalem Bay, The Willamette River, The Columbia River for the Buoy 10 Season, and when weather permits the Pacific Ocean.

Seasons vary between Spring, Summer, and Fall Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon.

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