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All trips are from a 17' Alumaweld driftboat (with or without a motor) These trips are generaly full day trips (unless otherwise planned) so plan on being out for at least 8 hrs sometimes longer.



What to bring:
Fishing licenses / Salmon Steelhead tags - These can be purchased at any sporting goods store, Fred Meyer, Bi-mart, or WalMart. or online at




Camera - you never know what you will see on our trip.


Warm clothing- Dress in layers! Early mornings can be VERY cold even if the forecast says the day will be a warm one.

Rain Gear –Bring waterproof shoes pants and a jacket even if it’s not supposed to rain. It’s good to block wind and water spray.


Lunch- fishing can work up an appetite. Bring enough food and water to get you through the day.


A Cooler - Something large enough to transport the days catch.


Cash for parking. most places have a $4 parking fee


Anything else you must have to get through a normal day. (Let me know in advance if you need any special help for the trip so I can plan accordingly.)

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